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Discover the transformative power of the LUMEN Protocol at ReDefined Hawaii. Our unique, holistic approach is designed to create the optimal environment for your body to heal and thrive by supporting your body’s natural healing processes.

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What does the L.U.M.E.N Protocol Consist of?

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Lymphatic Drainage Stimulation

Enhances the body's natural detoxification process.

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Myofascial & Chiropractic Work

Improves alignment, mobility, and remove nerve interference.

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Unified Nutrition & Lifestyle Guidance

Personalized recommendations to boost cellular health and vitality.

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Exercise with Oxygen Therapy

Combines breath work and light exercise to increase oxygen delivery.

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Magnetism vibrates cells apart, improving blood flow and increasing cell surface area for enhanced oxygen uptake.

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Near Infrared Therapy

Utilizes wavelengths of 700-1200 nm to support cellular regeneration and reduce inflammation.

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