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Cleanse Your Body of Toxins to Feel Healthier and Look Better

Give Your Body the Benefit of Hawaii’s Foremost Detox Protocols

Our medically supervised detoxification cleanses your body and organs, including your skin, in a thorough and personalized program. It’s a vital part of environmental medicine which recognizes the links between environmental factors (chiefly chemicals and pollution) and your health. Living in our world today puts your body in contact with a powerful array of toxins that build up over time.


It all begins with a toxic-level test that assesses your body holistically. Our doctors use the test results to guide the unique program they will create for you. Patients experience improvements in their health that are unmatched by and other detox programs in Hawaii. If you suspect a detoxification program might be helpful to you, contact us for answers to your questions and more information.

Detoxing at ReDefined HI, including natural supplements, IV and chelation therapy, will address the underlying causes of many health issues.

Detox Under Medical Supervision


What Role Do You Play in Detoxing Your Body?

Empowering Our Patients is Part of Everything We Do

Once you’ve completed a whole-body detoxification protocol, we’ll discuss the lifestyle choices you can make to sustain the process. While avoiding air and environmental toxins is challenging, much can be accomplished by adjusting what you eat and adding carefully selected supplements. Our supportive and patient-centered practice includes education and self-help advice that every patient can use. We’re healers, and our approach is caring and life-affirming.

What begins with a detox program can sague into a healthier lifestyle you can sustain for years to come.

We know there are a lot of detoxification programs in Hawaii and that you have a choice. It’s why we strive to make detoxing with our naturopathic doctors an exceptional benefit to your health and well-being. If you’re unsure about your needs or have questions, always feel free to contact our offices for assistance. We’re here to help you have a healthy, happy, high-quality life in which you feel and look your best at every age.



Are You Feeling Any of the Warning Signs of Toxins?

Detoxification Symptoms-14
Detoxification Symptoms-07

Risk Factors

How Many Toxins Are in Your System?

Today’s numbers are staggering, and all parts of your body, including your brain and nervous system, are affected by chemicals and pollutants. Pre-detoxification testing of your blood and urine will provide concrete medical data about your level of toxicity. Some of the most harmful and controversial products used today are heavy metals, insect killers, and agricultural weed killers, and we are all exposed to them on some level. They are present in our air, food, and water sources with alarming frequency and increasing concentrations.

No matter how carefully you live, you’re exposed to 1000s of toxins in air, water, food, cosmetics, and even some dental work. A personalized detoxification program at Hawaii Integrative will help cleanse your body so you’ll feel and look better.

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Weed Killers



Our naturopathic doctors at Redefined Hawaii practice holistic detoxification. It is designed to work with your body’s natural defenses. The body has highly effective biological mechanisms to rid itself of toxins but is simply overwhelmed by today’s onslaught of chemicals and pollutants. It’s why detox programs have gained in need and popularity in recent years. Many health-minded people of all ages and walks of life undergo them routinely to relieve symptoms and improve their health and appearance.


Testing & Diagnosis 

How Does Detoxification with a Naturopathic Doctor Work? 

Few detoxification programs in Honolulu or anywhere on Oahu can match the unique, personalized, and highly effective treatments you’ll receive at ReDefined Hawaii. A natural medicine detox protocol can restore your health and vitality.

Naturopathic medicine is holistic and integrative in its approach. Detox programs are a core part of natural medicine because of their restorative effect on the body and its systems. Our science and research-based approaches begin with specific testing to measure toxic build-up in your body.  As we’re reading the lab results, we’ll be asking questions about your lifestyle, diet, stress levels, sleep habits, and much more.

Dr. Venesh

Most people with digestive health issues have lived with them for a long time and either self-medicate, try to ignore the symptoms, or learn to live with ongoing discomfort. All of this can be avoided and everyone’s function can be improved.

A personalized dietary modification program that may include challenge testing (eliminating certain foods to understand their effects) will be included for nearly all patients. Treatments also address any underlying infections, support a healthy microbiome (healthy gut bacteria), and work to reduce intestinal inflammation.


Chelation Therapy Services

Medically Approved to Cleanse Metals from Your Body

Chelation therapy as part of your detoxification may ease many symptoms you may experience affecting energy level, emotional well being, and mental clarity.

Chelation therapy was developed to remove heavy metals from the human body — arsenic, lead, cadmium, copper, aluminum, and mercury — and continues in use today. It is administered with an IV drip or injections containing the chelating agents EDTA or DMPS. Once in your system, they bind with heavy metals and remove them via your urine. Depending on your test results, chelation therapy can be helpful in a personalized detox program.

IV Therapy

Few chelation therapy providers in Oahu can compare to the experience level of our doctors at ReDefined Hawaii. Cleansing your system with a personalized detoxification regimen can be a crucial step to improving your health overall. Others feel chelation therapy may help clear arteries of harmful plaque deposits along with the general benefits of a thorough detox. We recommend treatments based on laboratory test results and careful screening of each patient.

Palm Tree
Palm Tree

Treatment Options

Our Doctors are Healers Who are Highly Knowledgable and Can Personalize a Detox Program for You

Fruits and veggies

Eating & Diet Plans

We’ll show you how smarter eating with foods selected for your personal detox needs can help rid the body of toxins.


Natural Herbal Remedies

Natural medicine has a

science-based understanding of the power and benefits of herbal supplements for detoxification.

Healthy Foods

Personalized Infusions

Intelligently selected vitamins, minerals, and fluids, along with chelation therapy, are highly effective for detoxifying your system.

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