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Get on the Path to a Healthier Gastrointestinal (GI) System

Digestive Health Services You Can Depend On

Your Whole Body Health Depends On It

In medicine, the GI system can be referred to as the body’s second brain because it plays an integral role in our health overall. In addition to providing vital nourishment, it supports the nervous system, immune system, and skin. It houses the enteric nervous system that independently controls gastrointestinal functions.

At ReDefined Hawaii, our patient screening and digestive system treatments are thorough, scientifically based, and can be life-changing. Many patients first arrive at our offices after years of digestive problems and multiple symptoms. We treat the root cause after targeted testing and carefully listening to a patient’s history.

Gastrointestinal Pain

Imbalances in the gastrointestinal system can harm your health and well-being



If you’re experiencing stomach or intestinal discomfort or the symptoms below, your digestive system is sending you a warning signal and we can help. As naturopathic doctors on Oahu, we excel at diagnosing, treating, and improving your digestive health.

male figure showing nausea, gas, and diarrhea
female figure showing heartburn, bloating, and constipation
Risk Factors

Risk Factors

Why is your digestive health under siege today? 

Processed foods, chemical additives, overuse of sugar, stressful lives, and many other dimensions of our modern lives continue put the digestive system under greater stress each year.

Antibiotics and pharmaceutical medicines prescribed to treat other conditions can take a heavy toll on the gut and digestive system. All are things that have been introduced to the human body recently and their long-term effects are not completely understood. Depending on your system and how it reacts, the symptoms and side-effects can be significant.


When all of the factors combine your digestive system which is resiliant but delicate can be overwhelmed. The symptoms begin to pile up as one sub-system after another is affected. The specialists of conventional medicine often lack a holistic approach and patients suffer.

venn diagram of risk factors; processed food, antibiotics and pharmaceutical medicine, and stressful lives

Processed Foods

Antibiotics &

Pharmaceutical Medicine

Stressful Lives


Testing & Diagnosis 

Digestive Treatment Begins with a health history

The function of your gastrointestinal system relies on multiple whole-body variables that include enzymatic function, nutrient absorption, microbioata (natural microorganisms in the body), tissue health and waste elimination. Each needs to functiuon optimally for good health.

Stool Testing
& Evaluation of Bacteria

for Yeasts

Inflammation Markers

Pancreatic Enzyme Levels

Immune Markers

Most people with digestive health issues have lived with them for a long time and either self-medicate, try to ignore the symptoms, or learn to live with ongoing discomfort. All of this can be avoided and everyone’s function can be improved.

A personalized dietary modification program that may include challenge testing (eliminating certain foods to understand their effects) will be included for nearly all patients. Treatments also address any underlying infections, support a healthy microbiome (healthy gut bacteria), and work to reduce intestinal inflammation.

Palm Leaf
Palm Leaf

Treatment Options

How do we treat stomach and intestinal problems?

Effectively treating stomach and intestinal problems and resolving the symptoms long term begins with a comprehensive health history — it is not uncommon for your initial appointment with us to run from one to two hours. Taking the time to understand symptom onset, food choices, and other medical/surgical history helps uncover unrealized connections or causes.

doctor talking to patient

Once more is understood, and testing completed if necessary, we work with you to develop a personalized and unique treatment plan to improve your digestive health.

healthy foods
naturopathic medicines
probiotic foods

Naturopathic doctors diagnose and treat the root causes of stomach and intestinal problems. It’s a holistic approach that brings long-term, sustainable relief the improves your health and quality of life.

Dietary Recommendations
Suited to Your Needs

Prescription and
Herbal Antimicrobials

Eliminate Dietary Triggers & Add Probiotics

doctor and patient looking at medicine bottles

Reduce Inflammation of
Intestinal Mucus Membrane

healthy drink with fruits

Personalized Gut
Reparative Cocktails

infection coming from stomach

Underlying Infection

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