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Feel Better and Look Your Best, Be Refreshed and Revitalized 

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IV Infusion Therapy from a Naturopathic Doctor

IV therapy can deliver fluids containing vitamins, minerals, and nutrients directly into our bloodstream with many beneficial effects. Its uses are vital to the health-enhancing practice of naturopathic doctors like ours at ReDefined Hawaii. One of the most famous and well-known vitamin IV therapies is the Myers cocktail. Invented during the 1960s, it continues in wide use as a wellness remedy with rejuvenating effects. But it’s only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we can provide to our patients based on their unique needs.

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Our doctors practice holistically to keep body, mind, and spirit all healthy and functioning at their best. We improve your quality of life.

Intravenous Treatments with Vitamins, Minerals, Nutrients

Restorative IV therapy is widely used among doctors and health and wellness professionals because of its effectiveness and health-enhancing effects. It can help treat acute conditions and assist others in reaching their health goals. The beneficial mood and energy-boosting effects are widely understood, and when a vitamin cocktail is customized to your unique needs, you’ll be amazed by the results. IV therapy under the supervision of a naturopathic doctor is based on a detailed health screening, medical testing if needed, and a combination of ingredients to suit your needs.

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Naturopathic IV Therapy in Hawaii That Improves Your Well-Being

Naturopathic integrative medicine takes a holistic approach to health care that includes unique solutions like nutritional IV therapy. It supports your overall well-being and helps prevent disease by boosting your immune system, ridding the body of toxins, balancing your hormones, and reducing stress. Our bodies suffer from depleted nutrients during times of stress, missed sleep, lack of time to eat proper meals, and illness. The toll they take is noticeable in the way you feel.

The health-improving emphasis of naturopathic medicine places an emphasis on nutrition and making sure our bodies are never deficient on essential ingredients. It’s why IV therapy can be a vital part of effective treatment for many patients.

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Your Hormones

Rids the 

Body of Toxins


IV Therapy Treatment FAQs 

  • How does IV Therapy with a naturopathic doctor work?
    As medically trained natural healers, we guide you on a health improvement journey that brings together body, mind, and spirit. We approach each patient individually with care and a healing mindset. Our thorough initial consultation allows you to set health goals and design treatments that will help you meet them.
  • Who should do IV therapy?
    People of any age can benefit from vitamin-infusion therapies administered at a naturopathic health clinic. Whether you are interested in IV therapy to treat the symptoms of illness, meet your fitness goals, or improve your general wellness as part of a broader program, the doctors at ReDefined Hawaii can help.
  • Can I receive IV therapy if I am an athlete?
    IV therapy is a favorite treatment for athletes whose sports allow it.
  • How long does IV therapy treatment take?
    Your IV therapy treatment will take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours, depending on the concentration of the fluid. Our doctors may prescribe a single IV or several sessions during the coming weeks or months.
  • What ingredients are in the IV treatment?
    The IV ingredients and their dosage levels are different for each patient. It depends on the symptoms you are experiencing and the treatment plan that's optimal for you.
  • Where are the IVs administered?
    IVs are administered in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in which you can read, enjoy music, or chat with others.


IV Therapy Treatments Can Improve Your Health in Many Ways

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Immune Support

IV vitamin therapy helps to support the immune system; vitamin C IVs can reduce viral and bacterial loads; an IV of vitamins B and C with magnesium replenishes nutrients

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Powerful antioxidants can aid in
detoxification and help remove chemicals, metals, and reduce the side-effects of medication; helpful to have with probiotics after a course of antibiotics

Cancer Patients

IV vitamin therapy can help
recovery from chemotherapy and rejuvenate the body; our IVs are personalized to your body’s needs and what organs of your body are affected

Travel Recovery

As enjoyable as it is, travel is stressful on our bodies; it also can expose you to unfamiliar bacteria and viruses; a restorative vitamin cocktail IV is an excellent immune boost after a long or far away trip

Energy Level

We all can use an energy boost;
IV vitamin therapy quickly corrects deficiencies and can improve brain fog, lack of energy and lack of focus; rejuvenation and invigorating when you’re stressed

Beauty Boost

Looking your best begins on the inside and when you’re healthy it shows on the outside; eliminating toxins and replenishing cells can help restore a youthful glow that aging can diminish


Need to Feel Better Quickly?

Vitamin IV Therapies are an Excellent Option

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Low Energy

Because they place vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, amino acids directly into the bloodstream, the results and benefits of IV therapies are quick.

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Some women also take them during pregnancy to help restore essential nutrients that may be depleted. After a baby a delivered, a restorative IV can bring back proper vitamin B-12 and vitamin D levels. Many women have them every two weeks for six weeks after giving birth.

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We can use IV therapies to treat acute overconsumption of alcohol because they rapidly improve hangover symptoms.

The health-improving emphasis of naturopathic medicine places an emphasis on nutrition and making sure our bodies are never deficient on essential ingredients. It’s why IV therapy can be a vital part of effective treatment for many patients.

When you have an IV treatment at ReDefined Hawaii for the first time, you’ll be impressed by how much better you’ll feel. It’s common to notice an improved mood and energy level along with seeing a youthful glow return. How quickly you will see an improvement and how long it will last depends on your health at the time and where your health is when treatments begin. Our doctors will stay with you throughout your journey to become healthier and happier.

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