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Anti-Aging Services, Hormone Replacement, Functional Wellness 

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Your Health, Vitality and Longevity Mean Everything

Personalized Medicine and Preventative Care Designed for You

At ReDefined Hawaii, our anti-aging and bioidentical hormone replacement therapies can be life-changing. We take a functional and natural medicine approach that optimizes your immune system and stops chronic diseases from developing. With us, you’ll receive a unique wellness plan to suit your personal metabolism, DNA, and lifestyle. The goal is to do everything possible to promote your lifelong health and well-being — you can feel and look great at any age.

No two people are alike and no two anti-aging treatment plans are the same. But the reasons to seek anti-aging therapy are experienced by many people. The three most common are wanting to maintain your health and vigor as you age, a family history that concerns you, or noticing changes that concern you. Our naturopathic doctors are healers who are passionate about helping each patient achieve their health goals. We are concerned with longevity and quality of life and can provide long-term support to you as a patient of our practice.

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Functional wellness is the area of medicine concerned with keeping you healthy and thriving at all ages and stages of your life.



Women and Men Experience Age-Related Hormone Imbalances Differently

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Symptoms in Women

Anti-Aging Symptoms in Men

Symptoms in Men


Testing & Diagnosis 

Reverse the Effects of Aging with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

If you’ve heard about the anti-aging bio-identical hormone replacement therapy available at ReDefined Hawaii, it’s natural to want to understand more. Bio-identical hormones are manmade hormones including estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, derived from plants and chemically identical to those produced by our bodies. Many people feel they are safer and more effective than synthetic hormones that are in use elsewhere.

You’ll be tested medically and receive a detailed patent evaluation to help compounded bio-idential hormones reverse the changes in your body caused by aging.

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You’ll feel better when your hormone levels are restored to where they were earlier in life and are properly balanced. Also, it’s possible some of your symptoms may be related to other health and lifestyle conditions and it’s why it’s so important to work with an experienced doctor. Our mission is to help you live a long and healthy life and we provide the individualized wellness programs you need.  The bio-identical hormone treatments you receive will be tailored to your precise needs.


Treatment Options

Our Holistic Anti-Aging and Wellness Programs will Improve Longevity and the Way You Look and Feel

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Diet & Wellness Coaching

Diet and lifestyle have an enormous effect on how we age. eating the right things to support health and longevity is vital.


Natural Supplements

As we age, our bodies change and often need additional support. supplements can restore and balance your system.


Bio-Identical Hormones

Specialized for women and men and prescribed to your unique needs. Regain your vigor, vitality, and youthfulness.

Platelet-Rich Plasma

Platelet-Rich Plasma

Exosome Therapy

Exosome Therapy

Pulsewave Therapy

Pulsewave Therapy



Your Skin and It's Look Benefit From Anti-Aging Treatments

How you look says a lot about your health. When your body is revived and refreshed with anti-aging hormone therapy, it gives your skin a more youthful appearance. You’ll take better care of your whole body when you look better and it’s a crucial part of wellness. Slowing or reversing the aging process that affects the appearance of your skin is a natural part of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. It’s a treatment that can have multiple beneficial effects that are rejuvenating and enhance your quality of life.

Skin Appearance

Support Your Health Internally and Externally



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Palm Tree
Why Choose Us

Why Choose ReDefined for Anti-Aging Therapy 

You'll Find Our Practice Supportive, Affirming, and Rejuvenating

We’re dedicated to wellness, quality of life, and long-term caring relationships with our patients. When you choose us, you’ll be working with one of the best natural medicine doctors in Hawaii, providing bio-identical hormone therapy. Our treatments are optimized for you according to your symptoms and what needs to be addressed and improved. We test thoroughly and take detailed medical histories to determine what will work best for you.

You’ll see and feel the difference as we slow or reverse the symptoms of aging both inside and out. Your longevity and energy-level will benefit.


Our doctors are healers with science-based training in naturopathic medicine. It harnesses the power of nature to promote and maintain good health. Anti-aging therapies are core to our work in helping patients live their best lives. If you haven’t been feeling like yourself lately or notice symptoms that trouble you, call to schedule an initial consultation today. We can discuss your treatment and therapy options and help you begin a path to improving your body, mind, and spirit.

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