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Exosomes - Understanding the Science

Also called extracellular vesicles, Exosomes are lipid-bound tiny sacs or bubbles of 30nm and 150nm. They are released by the stem cells in the body for carrying molecules from cell to cell as part of the communication mechanisms in the body. When the producer cell generates an Exosome, it travels to the distant or neighboring cell(s) to deliver its contents.

doctor injecting patient's knee

They transfer different genetic data and proteins to the recipient cells. For example, Exosomes are sometimes used for delivering RNA messengers to the recipient cells to begin the production of specific proteins. These proteins are then released to perform their purpose, like augmenting the immune system’s response to a virus or infection in the body.

Exosomes therapy leverages the targeted delivery system science for therapeutic purposes. This regenerative medicine modality is designed around this concept to benefit patients suffering from multiple medical conditions.



As Exosomes contain genetic data, it helps the recipient cells know how and when to react.


Injections into Targeted Area

Exosomes are injected into the targeted area with a healing agent concentration to boost and stimulate the natural ability of the body to heal.

Exosome Therapy

Cell Communicators

The agents act as cell communicators that direct cells to where they’re needed, thereby promoting tissue repair – the regenerative medicine hallmark.

Healthy skin

Healing & Tissue Regeneration

The therapy rejuvenates old stem cells with new ones.

It relies on the regenerative and healing properties of the body to produce healing and anti-aging results. Exosomes provide over 200 signaling proteins to the body that turn on the natural regenerative mechanisms and boost anti-inflammatory cytokines production and healing signals.

The therapy’s success can be gauged by the increasing number of clinical trials and studies conducted globally. According to a study posted on, Exosome therapy is a new area in regenerative medicine with an emerging market because of its incredible potential and excellent outcomes.


Benefits Compared to Steroid Injections

Though steroid injections may be the standard of care among many physicians, better and safer treatments are available for pain relief and musculoskeletal disorders. These treatments include but are not limited to Exosomes therapy. Exosomes therapy, compared to steroid injections, offers tons of benefits. Unlike steroid injections that are only effective for immediate symptom reduction, Exosomes therapy helps:


Pain Symptoms




Root Cause of Pain & Disease

Steroid injections can have several adverse side effects, like increased pain, in the long run, progressive arthritic changes, and weakening of bones and muscles. The patient may require more injections and, eventually, surgery.

Additional Advantages

Exosome therapy has several advantages, such as:

• Helps Regenerate Tissues

• Lowers Inflammation

• Assists in the transportation of proteins, genetic materials, and other content

• Promotes Molecule Transmission

• Offers anti-fibrotic properties

Palm Tree
Palm Tree


Exosomes communicate with targeted cells and growth factors to heal and repair tissue faster. Exosomes provide the body with what it requires to heal, rejuvenate, and address the underlying cause of the pain, symptoms, or disease. Hence, it is highly effective for:

Tennis player

Tennis Elbow


Golfer's Elbow

Additional Applications

• Managing Degenerative Conditions

• Promote Immune Health

• Promote Skin Rejuvenation 

At Redefined Hawaii, we specialize in Exosome therapy. Our goal is to provide the best, safe, latest, and non-invasive regenerative medicine treatments that empower patients to live healthier lives by promoting natural healing. 

Exosomes significantly contribute to the broad spectrum of biological processes in disease and health. Schedule a consultation with our board-certified doctor today to determine which regenerative modality may be best for your condition.



Hair loss

Hair Regeneration

Skin Rejuvenation
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