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Tennis Elbow: What is it?

Tennis elbow is medically termed lateral epicondylitis. The condition is characterized by pain in the elbow tendons when overloaded because of repetitive arm and wrist movements. It can cause inflammation, potential tearing, and degeneration. Though tennis elbow commonly affects athletes, anybody who engages in repetitive motions and gripping activities can develop it, like carpenters, plumbers, and butchers.

The condition occurs in the forearm muscle tendons attached to the bony part outside the elbow. The pain caused by tennis elbow sometimes may spread to the wrist and forearm.

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What Are the Causes?

Repetitive movements like gripping your racket and hitting backhand strokes can cause muscle strain-putting stress on the elbow tendons. Such actions, when repeated consistently, can cause muscles in your forearms to get tired. When these muscles get tired, the tendons (that attach the muscle to the bony knob on the outer elbow) take the load. But, over time, overloading the tendons can result in pain and inflammation called tendinosis, which further leads to a series of small tears in the elbow tendons.



Tennis elbow symptoms may develop gradually. However, the condition is characterized by tenderness and pain outside the elbow in its bony knob (where the bone and injured tendons are connected). 

Pain Is Most Felt When Doing These Motions:

Symptoms May Include:

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Risk Factors

Risk Factors

Sports that increase the risk of developing Tennis Elbow:

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Engaging in jobs and hobbies that demand repetitive movements of the arms and gripping actions can also put you at risk of tennis elbow, such as:

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Painting, Knitting, & Carpentry

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Gardening & Landscaping

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Working at Cash Register



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Treatment Options

Tennis elbow pain can limit your physical performance. So, it is advisable to seek treatment to realize your full potential. At ReDefined Hawaii, we specialize in tennis elbow diagnosis and treatment. Our board-certified tennis elbow pain management specialists can screen your condition and provide the best treatment to alleviate symptoms and improve your quality of life. Schedule a consultation with our expert for a complete diagnosis and a smooth treatment plan.

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